Configure Microsoft Power Automate Integration Setttings

Blueprint integrates with Microsoft Power Automate to accelerate and scale robot development and orchestration. Users can seamlessly export and upload aligned and prioritized business processes along with all related constraints like rules, policies, regulations, etc. into Microsoft Power Automate, to provide robot developers with a head start and unparalleled visibility and context.

When project files from Blueprint are uploaded into Microsoft Power Automate, a Developer can then see the visual business process with its associated tasks/steps, and decisions alongside all the associated artifacts. Links are also sent across for the Process and the tasks within the Process for developers to reference inside Blueprint, streamlining development while minimizing risk.

To be able to feed Process models - along with all visual elements and traces - from Blueprint to Microsoft Power Automate, a Project Administrator must first configure your Microsoft Power Automate integration settings in the Project Administration Portal.

To configure your Microsoft Power Automate integration settings:

  1. Click Projects in the Blueprint Administration Portal.
    For information on how to access the Admin Portal, see the About the Administration Portal article.
  2. Select the project that you want to set up the Microsoft Power Automate integration for (that is, the project where you will be designing and optimizing process models to be downloaded and then uploaded to Microsoft Power Automate).
  3. Click RPA Integration and select Microsoft Power Automate in the dropdown displayed.
  4. In the Blue Prism Integration Settings page displayed, select the Enable Power Automate Project Files Download checkbox.
  5. Click Save.