About Storyteller

Storyteller is a platform that enables faster, higher-value product delivery at vastly reduced cost and exposure to risk. Primary use cases include:

  • Agile Project & Product Management
  • IT Compliance & Change Management
  • Requirements Definition & Management
  • Legacy System & Software Modernization

Storyteller drives cross-functional collaboration and alignment between business, compliance, and development stakeholders by visually decomposing high-level business initiatives and obligations into actionable IT deliverables in an automated, collaborative and accountable manner, while storing all of this information in a centralized repository for easy access, reuse, and auditing.

Primarily, Storyteller delivers the following:

A Unified Repository

A single unified repository creates a single source of truth for all stakeholders. Storyteller repository also provides vital context to all stakeholders and maintains a complete and up-to-date description of all yoru production systems.

Visual Modelling

Empower Business and IT stakeholders to define, map, and collaborate on customer journeys, value streams, business processes and solution definition.


Accelerate delivery by automatically generating high-quality, well-formatted user stories, comprehensive test plans and gherkin feature files. Then synchronize these assets with downstream ALM tools for development teams to action.


Easily collaborate with stakeholders and team members with threaded discussions, automated notification, visual walkthroughs and artifact collections.


Enforce standardization by creating workflows, standard artifact types and re-usable content libraries. Track formal approvals with reviews and baselines.

Trace and Impact Analysis

Reduce the risks of change management by tracing relationships between artifacts and viewing these relationships through Impact Analysis.

Version Compare

Automate analysis instantly and intuitively by visualizing changes between artifact versions in a document-like redlines view. Enable full control management with the ability to revert artifact versions.


Easily maintain an accurate description of current production system behavior by reusing artifacts and reconciling changes. Uncover similar artifacts through intelligent recommendations to leverage work and content that has already been created.


Create two-way integrations between Storyteller and more than 30 ALM tools to keep data in sync in near-real time. Take advantage of Webhooks and Storyteller's public API to create custom integrations.


Provide visibility across the enterprise with Storyteller's Analytics capabilities. Connect enterprise BI tools to create insightful reports and dashboards.

Ease of Use

Unlike many other applications, Storyteller is an intuitive, modern web-based application built on the latest technologies. In-application contextual help gets new team members quickly up to speed.