Task Capture - Installed Items and Settings (Technical)

Blueprint Task Capture has several files that it installs and depends on to run properly. These files are located in Documents > Blueprint Task Capture folder.

  • Workflows: This folder contains files of the Task Capture recordings.
  • logfile.txt: This file is used to log technical messages that can be used by Blueprint to help debug issues. If you experience issues running Task Capture that requires the assistance of Blueprint support, you may be asked to send this file.
  • settings.json: This file contains a list of settings used to control various aspects of how Task Capture works.

Within the settings.json file, some flags can be adjusted to troubleshoot or improve performance of the application. The below are the only settings users might need to adjust:




Must be enabled to track other logs.


Logs used for troubleshooting.


Logs errors as they occur.


Can improve performance to hide Task Capture while taking screenshots.