Automation Anywhere V11 Import

With Automation Anywhere v11 Import, you can easily import ATMX files into Blueprint.

To preserve connections between multiple atmx files, you will need to import all relevant .atmx files together in a ZIP or AAPKG file.

To import Automation Anywhere files into Blueprint:

  1. In the Explorer Panel select the location of your imported files. This can be either a folder or the project itself.
  2. Click the More button in the main toolbar, then select Import from AA Enterprise.
  1. In the Import from AA Enterprise modal displayed:
    1. In the Process Type field, select a Process Artifact Type.
    2. In the Document Type Field, select a Document Artifact Type.
    3. In the Folder Type Field, select a Folder Artifact Type.
    4. Click the Choose File, and in the file browser window displayed, select the ZIP or AAPKG file you want to import.
    5. Select the appropriate template or click “x” to choose none (This field is optional).
    6. Click Continue.

  2. A modal is displayed showing the contents of the Import File. Items may be deselected by default depending on your choice of template. You can select or deselect files for import as you want.

  1. Click Import.
  2. A notification is displayed indicating that the AA Import has been scheduled. You can click the link in the message to view the operation on the Jobs page.

  3. Once the import job is complete refresh by clicking the More button in the main toolbar, then select Refresh All to see the imported process(es).