Task Capture - Release Notes

These notes provide an overview of new features implemented in each version of Blueprint along with any important upgrade advisories and resolved issues.

They also outline known issues you may experience while using a specific version of Blueprint and any applicable workarounds.

Blueprint Task Capture 5.0

What’s New
  • Blueprint Task Capture is a separately installed desktop application that records work performed on desktops, then sends those recordings back to Blueprint for analysis and design, usually with the objective of automating work.
  • A user in the Blueprint platform can invoke the new Record Task feature to send email invitations to one or more people, who are asked to record specific work tasks using Blueprint Task Capture on their desktop.
  • The email invitation includes a link to download and install Blueprint Task Capture if it is not already installed on their desktop. After two-factor authentication, the user can record their task and then preview it before sending back to Blueprint.

The following feature has been introduced in the 12.7 release of Blueprint in support of Blueprint Task Capture 5.0:

  • Record Task - Blueprint users can use this feature to invite one or multiple workers to capture a specific work task and send it back to Blueprint. After selecting a process step in Blueprint, users can initiate this feature, enter email addresses of those who will be invited to record, and add instructions or comments for them.

Note that those doing the recording do not have to be registered users in the Blueprint application.

See Blueprint Task Capture Overview for detailed information for using Blueprint Task Capture.