Task Capture - Overview

Process Designers using Blueprint can request workers to record examples of how they perform a selected task. These recordings are then automatically delivered into Blueprint where the Process Designer can analyze them and design improved processes that can be realized in a number of ways including through Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

This capability consists of features within the Blueprint platform to request and receive the recordings, but also an application and web plugin on the worker's desktop to record, adjust, and send the recording to Blueprint.

The following diagram summarizes the process:

Citizen Designer Workflow (Blueprint Platform)

  1. Identify task: Within the Blueprint platform, select a step of a process that you'd like to get recordings for. For example in the image below, the user wants to receive recordings for how their workers "Calculate payments".
  2. Invite workers to record: After the step has been selected, choose Actions > Record Task, then add email addresses for those you'd like to do recordings, and a descriptive message.
  3. Receive Recordings: Workers will receive their email invitation and will use Task Capture to create one or more recordings, and send them back to the Blueprint platform. When recordings are received from users they will be created as child processes (descendants) of the original process in Blueprint as shown in the image below.

Business Worker Workflow (Blueprint Task Capture)

  1. Receive email invitation: The email invitation sent to the Business Worker from the Blueprint platform contains a message from the Citizen Designer and identifies the task to be recorded. The email also contains a button/link to launch the Task Capture desktop application, or to download it if not already installed.
    After installing/launching the Task Capture application, it will ask you to enter a six digit code that you'll receive in a second automated email.
    Once you've entered the correct code, the Task Capture recorder will appear.

  1. Record Task: Use the Task Capture Recorder to capture all the steps you do when performing the task. For details on using the recorder refer to The Task Capture Recorder
  2. Preview and Send: Once you've stopped recording, all your captured steps will appear in the Task Capture Preview where you can view the recording, make small adjustments, and send to the Blueprint platform. For details on using the Preview refer to The Task Capture Preview