Task Capture - Recorder

The Blueprint Task Capture recorder lets you control the recording of your work tasks that you do on your desktop.

Record Button

Pressing the record button starts the recording of your work. There may be a slight delay between pressing the button and the Recorder showing you the first action that it captures, so after your first action you should wait to see the captured screen before proceeding with more actions. After you hit the Record button, you'll see an indicator saying that you're now recording, and two other buttons will appear: Pause, and Stop. While you're recording every action (e.g. mouse clicks, drags, keystrokes) will all be recorded.

Pause / Resume Buttons

Once you've started recording a Pause button will appear. Pressing this button temporarily suspends further recording of actions, and the Pause button turns into a Resume button. This lets you interrupt your recording without losing anything recorded so far, to do other things (e.g. answer an urgent email or message). When you're ready to continue recording, just press the Resume button.

Stop Button

Pressing the stop button will stop the recording and takes you to the Preview where you can view the entire recording before sending it to the Blueprint platform.

User Actions

This field is automatically populated by Task Capture based on information it collects from your computer about the action performed. You are free to edit this field if you like, to make it more clear.


A captured screenshot of what the application looked like just before the user action was performed is displayed.

System Response

This field is intended to be a written description of how the application responded to the user's action. There is a screenshot of it of course, but in many cases it is very useful for the user to briefly describe it. If this is filled in, then later in the Blueprint platform the recorded processes can be used to automatically generate agile user stories, acceptance tests, and functional tests.