REST API - Close Review Request



Closes the review by Project ID and Artifact ID.

URL Structure

  • ProjectId: The ID of the project that contains the review you want to close.
  • ArtifactId: The ID of the review artifact you want to close.

Supported Methods

HTTP Status Codes

  • 200: OK
  • 400: Bad Request
    This error can occur for a variety of reasons:
    • The review cannot be closed due to concurrency calls.
    • At least one URI or request body parameter is invalid, such as one of the Filter, Traces, Offset or Limit parameters.
    • A required value has not been provided.
    • If you are submitting a POST or PATCH request and have not added the X-HTTP-Method-Override parameter to your request header.
  • 401: Unauthorized
    • The Blueprint token is missing, invalid or expired.
  • 403: Forbidden
    • The applicable permissions are needed. For example, this error can occur when:
      • You do not have edit permissions for the review.
  • 404: NotFound
    • Item is not found in the project. For example, this error can occur when:
      • The requested project is not found
      • The requested review is not found
  • 409: Conflict
    • The review is locked by another user
    • The review status is Draft
    • The review status is Closed
    • The review has validation errors and cannot be published
    • The review has dependent artifacts to publish
    • The reason for the failure can be found in the response body. Additional information may also be found in the log.
  • 500: Internal Server Error