Work with Multiple Artifacts Simultaneously

In Blueprint, when you access an artifact by clicking it in the Explorer, it is displayed in the main content area. Only one artifact can be displayed in the main content area at a time.

However, if you want to open multiple artifacts and work on them at the same time, you can do this by opening an artifact in a new tab of the browser you are using. This might be a good option if you want to review several artifacts simultaneously.

To open multiple artifacts simultaneously:

  1. Right-click the artifact you want to open and select Open Link in New Tab.
    Repeat this step for all the artifacts you want to open and work on simultaneously.
  2. Click the new tab in your browser to access the artifact you opened.
    You can use Ctrl + Tab on your keyboard to quickly flip from one tab to the next. Use Ctrl + Shift + Tab to flip through tabs in the opposite direction.
  3. If you want to see all the other project content in the Explorer, click the Load Project button beside the artifact name in the header.
    Repeat this step for all the artifacts you have opened in new browser tabs if needed.
    Any changes you save and publish in any individual tab will be reflected in the project.