About Groups

A Group in Blueprint is a set of users that can be assigned a particular project role.

Universal License Type

By default, all new users in Blueprint possess a universal license type that allows them to access, view, create, and edit artifacts across projects. Blueprint Administrators can manage what their users can access and edit by creating Groups and assigning Project Roles to those Groups.

Group Types

Blueprint Administrators can manage their users' access by defining a Group Type for the Groups they create.

There are two types of Groups in Blueprint:

  • Access Group - Access Groups are project-level groups. In an Access Group, the members are granted a certain scope (that is, which projects they can access) and then must have corresponding Project Role Assignments for privileges within those projects.
  • License Group - In a License Group, the members are granted one of two license types:
    • Collaborate license type - allows the user to participate in reviews in the Review Experience.
      Users with a Collaborate license can only access the Review Experience through a URL provided they are a participant of that Review. They cannot access any other part of Blueprint.
    • Author license type - allows the user to have universal capabilities, including the ability to author artifacts in the system.

A Group cannot have both a scope and a license type—only one or the other. Access Groups allow the administrator to define scope, and License Groups allow the administrator to define a license group. Consider assigning your users to a License Group to assign their License Type, and to Access Groups to define what privileges they have within the system.

For users to properly view projects, you need to grant them access to those projects by creating role assignments. For more information, see the Project Role Assignments article.