REST API Requests

The following are the requests that can be made with the Blueprint REST API:




Generates an authentication token for the specified user.

List Projects

Retrieves a list of projects.

Get Project

Retrieves a project by ID, and returns information about the project.

Create Project

Creates an empty project from a template or without a template.

List Artifacts Types

Retrieves all artifact types available in the specified project.

Get Artifact Type

Retrieves all artifact type objects from a project.

List Artifacts

Retrieves a list of artifacts. It is also possible to filter requested artifacts.

Get Artifact

Retrieves a single artifact by Project ID and Artifact ID and returns information about the artifact.

Get Child Artifacts of Artifact

Retrieves the child artifact(s) of the specified artifact.

Get Root Artifacts of Project

Retrieves the artifact(s) at the root level of the project.

Add Artifact

Adds a single artifact to the specified project.

Update Artifacts

Updates properties of the specified artifact(s).

Publish Artifacts

Publishes changes of the specified artifact(s).

Discard Artifacts

Discards changes to the specified artifact(s).

Get Group

Retrieves the group by its ID.

List Groups

Retrieves a list of all groups in this Blueprint instance.

List Users

Retrieves all users in this Blueprint instance.

Get User

Retrieves the user with the specified user ID.

Create User

Creates a user with specific defined properties.

Update User

Updates the specified properties of a specific user.

Delete User

Deletes all specified users.

Delete Artifact

Deletes the specified artifact. You can also delete all children of the specified artifact.

Add Attachment

Adds a single file attachment to the specified artifact.

Add Attachment to Subartifact

Adds a single file attachment to the specified subartifact.

Delete Attachment

Deletes a single file attachment from an artifact.

Get Attachments

Retrieves attachment content.

Add Comment

Adds a single comment to the specified artifact.

Delete Comment

Deletes the specified comment from an artifact.

Update Comment

Updates the specified comment.

Publish Comments

Publishes all unpublished comments associated with the specified artifact.

Rate Comment

Rates a comment by specifying whether you like or dislike the comment.

Reply to Comment

Reply to the specified comment.

Rate Reply

Rates a reply by specifying whether you like or dislike the reply.

Delete Reply

Deletes the specified reply from the specified artifact comment.

Update Reply

Updates the specified reply.

Get Artifact Image

Retrieves the main image from the specified graphical artifact in PNG format.

Get Blueprint Product Version

Retrieves the Blueprint product version.

Get Project Discussion Status Values

Retrieves a list of discussion status values that are valid for the specified project.

Add Traces

Adds trace(s) to the artifact you specify.

Move Artifact

In order to move an artifact, you must change the parent of the artifact. By changing the parent, you are effectively moving the specified artifact and its descendants to a new location in the hierarchy.

Delete Traces

Deletes the specified trace(s).

List Unpublished Artifacts

Retrieves a list of artifacts with unpublished changes. This service only returns artifacts in the list if the changes were made by the current user.

List Reviews

Retrieves a list of reviews by Project ID.

Get Review

Retrieves a review by Project ID and Artifact ID and returns information about the review.

List ALM Targets

Retrieves a list of ALM targets.

Get ALM Job

Retrieves an ALM job by Project ID, Target ID and Job ID and returns information about the job.

Add ALM Job

Adds an ALM job to the specified project using the specified target.

Get Collections

Retrieves the collection in the specified project.

List Collections

Lists collections in the specified project.