Add Details to Tasks and Decision Points in a Process

Although you can model most of a Process by adding and labeling tasks and decision shapes in the Process Editor, you can further define them through the Additional Details modal.

The Additional Details modal allows you to create fully defined, high-quality user stories, by entering text according to the template and fields provided.

By default, tasks use a generic user as the actor (reflected both in Additional Details, as well as the user label in the Process Editor). An actor is an artifact that must already exist in order to be selected. When you select an actor, its name replaces the default user label.

This name synchronization is not used with the task action. When undefined in the Additional Details window, the action is the label on the task shape (this is the short-form action), however, if defined, it is saved as a separate long-form action.

In agile development, a user story typically uses a template that includes an actor, an action, and an objective. For more information, see the Generated User Story Components article.

To add details to tasks and decision points in a Process:

  1. Click the additional details icon () for the task of interest.
  2. In the Additional Details window displayed, modify the relevant details, including:
    1. Select an actor from the Actor dropdown if you want to define a specific actor as opposed to maintaining the default actor. You can also search for and select an existing artifact within your project by clicking the Select button.
    2. Define the following:
      1. Actor — Who or what is doing the task
      2. Action — "The actor wants to (define the action)"
      3. Objective — "So that the actor can (define the objective of the action)"
      4. Click OK.
Complete the hint text to create values that are well-formed for the user story template. Both the action and the objective should start with verbs, and be in the simple present tense, first-person singular (for example, "Enter password," or "Log out").