Bulk Edit in Collections

The Bulk Edit feature allows you to quickly update a set of artifacts when you need to apply changes across multiple artifacts in a Collection. Bulk Edit allows you to apply the changes with one simplified user action and change the properties of multiple articles to a single value for each property that you define.

Up to 2000 artifacts and 20 properties can be updated at a time.

To perform a bulk edit in Collections:

  1. Select the checkbox for all the artifacts that you want to edit.
  2. Click the Actions button and select Bulk Edit.
  3. Click the Select property field and select all the properties that you want to edit; a maximum of 20 properties can be selected.
  4. Enter the new property values for all the properties you selected to edit and update.
  5. Click Apply and Publish.

The new values you defined will be updated and published for each artifact that you selected in the Collection.