Configuring Default Active Directory Integration

If you use the default active directory integration, Blueprint automatically uses the active directory server that the Blueprint Server User is a member of.

If your Blueprint Server User is not part of an active directory, or if you wish to specify multiple active directory servers, you can configure custom active directory integration.

To configure default active directory integration:

  1. Open the Instance Administration Console.
  2. Click Active Directory Settings.
  3. Select the Enable Active Directory Integration option.
  4. Select the Use default connection on identity option.
The default connection only works if your Blueprint Server User (example: acme\rrunner) is a member of the active directory and the Blueprint Application Server is also a member of the active directory.
  1. Optionally select the Synchronize Active Directory groups and users option to ensure user details and group membership in Blueprint reflect changes in Active Directory.
    If synchronization is enabled, configure the Frequency and time the operation will begin.
    Synchronization for the weekly and monthly options occur on the first day of the week or month, respectively.
It is recommended that you schedule synchronization to a time when a minimum number of users will be working with Blueprint.
  1. Click Save.
    If you need to remove an active directory server at any time, you can click the active directory server on the leftmost side of the screen and then click the Remove button.