About the Universal Model Editor

The Universal Model Editor enables you to quickly create a variety of detailed diagrams and models, including BPMN diagrams.

Each shape in the diagram or model you create is its own artifact and can have its own traces, discussions or attachments. Model artifacts are great visual references for stakeholders and a powerful way to communicate solution intent.

The model artifact has the following shape libraries that you can use to visualize your solutions:



Default Library

Contains text boxes, call-outs, images, and connectors

BPMN Library

Contains all the necessary elements to create a fully-functional BPMN 2.0 compliant diagram

Basic Library

Contains all the common elements needed to create a wide array of diagrams types

UML Use Case Library

Contains all the shapes needed to create use case diagrams

Flowchart Library

Contains all the standard flowchart shapes

Entity Relationship Library

Contains all the shapes need to create UML Class and Object diagrams as well as Chen's notation for entity relationships

UI Mockup Library

Contains the most common elements and icons required to create UI mockups and wireframes for graphic representations of an application or website

For more information on how to get started with the Universal Model Editor, see the Create a Model Artifact article.