Add and Assign Meaning of Signature

Meaning of Signature is used to associate an electronic signature to a group the user belongs to.

Meaning of signature is a feature enabled on the project level and requires a list of values that are selected for User Groups. This document provides steps for Project Administrators to enable Meaning of Signature and assign values to it.

The user should have the Project/Instance admin privilege to add a signature

To add an Electronic Signature:

  • Navigate to the Admin panel
  • Click on Projects

  • Select a project you want to add meaning of signature
  • Upon selecting a project, additional options are loaded.
  • Navigate to Review settings under Advanced Settings.

  • Check the Enable Meaning of Signature option.
  • Add Meaning of Signature button will be loaded now
  • Click on Add Meaning of Signature 
    • A signature will be added with a default name
      • If you hover the mouse pointer on the meaning of signature, an edit icon will appear. You can click on the icon and edit the name of your meaning of signature to best fit your needs.
      • The user can also sort to move it up the order or down the order by clicking icons present in the sort column.
      • The user has to then save the settings


Assigning Meaning of Signature

  • Navigate to Project roles under the User Management section.
  • Select a role you want to assign a signature.
  • Users can also add a new role for the project and select the privileges the user should have.
  • Scroll down and find Meaning of signature
  • From the drop-down menu, select a Meaning of signature for the user role.
  • Click on Save