Preview User Stories

You can preview a generated user story to verify it is ready to be synchronized with ALM or task-management tools that are used for development and test delivery.

In the Acceptance Criteria section, you will find a representation of the contents of the .feature file—a Gherkin-based description of the feature that will be consumed by test-automation suites. It is here that you can verify that the scenarios that make up the user story are logical and complete, and the syntax used is well-formed.

For more information regarding Gherkin-based description and ensuring the syntax is well-formed, see the Generated User Story Components article.

To preview a user story:

  1. Generate the user story for the task you wish to preview. For more information on how to generate user stories, see the Generate User Stories article.
    Even if a user story already exists for the task, it is good practice to generate it to ensure latest changes are reflected.
  2. Click the tasks' user story preview indicator ().
If you click the User Story Title link in a preview, the user-story artifact opens in a new tab, where its properties can be edited.