Instance Administrator Roles and License Types

By default, there are 10 role types that can be chosen for a user. Administrators may choose to delete or even add to these roles. The license type is automatically set based on the role chosen.

If a user is assigned a role that results in a greater license type than what they had before, then the license type will be updated to the role's license type. If a user is not assigned to a role or a License Group, their license type defaults to Viewer.

Only roles with a resulting Author license type can log into Blueprint and the Admin Portal.

If a user has a role with a resulting Collaborate or Viewer license type, they would need to be assigned to a Group with an Author Project Role in order to access Blueprint and the Administration Portal.

The following are the different roles, their description, and resulting license type:



Resulting License Type

Default Instance Administrator

User has all instance privileges for managing the instance, all projects and access to all project data


Log Gathering and License Reporting

Download all instance logs, generate and download the License Report


Email, Active Directory, SAML Settings

Setup and manage email, active directory, and federated authentication settings, as well as manage the default print template


Manage Administrator Roles

Manage all Instance and Project Administrator roles


Provision Users

Provision new users and groups as well as manage existing users and groups


Provision Projects

Create new projects, modify existing projects, but cannot delete any project


Administer ALL Projects

Create new projects, manage existing projects & full project admin privileges to all projects


Assign Instance Administrator

Create and manage list of users, allowed to assign Instance Administrator roles to users


Blueprint Analytics

Can access all projects from the Data Reporting


Instance Standards Manager

Can manage standard properties and artifact types