Discussions Dashboard

This dashboard allows a user to see all discussions associated with them.

Columns can be filtered/sorted as needed, and the table can be exported to excel by clicking Actions > Export to Excel

To access the dashboard:

Click Discussions in the main header


Below are the columns headers and what they represent:




Name of the project the discussion is in


Path to the artifact the discussion is taking place in

Artifact ID

Artifact prefix and ID number as a clickable link that will take user to that artifact in main experience 

Artifact Name

Name of the artifact


The most recent comment in a discussion thread.


- This is only for created comments, not comments that have been edited

- Users will only see threads that were created by the user, or that the user has commented on

Discussion Status

Whether the discussion is "open" or "closed"

Artifact Last Modified

Datetime of the last time the artifact was modified