Digital Blueprint Licensing in Blueprint

Blueprint allows users to designate selected process artifacts as Digital Blueprints, granting access to additional capabilities such as generating stories and tests, detailing RPA implementation using the Common Object Model, and exporting to RPA tools.

So that users don't have to worry about how many Digital Blueprints they use when designing an automation, licensing is based on the total number of steps within all Digital Blueprints.

Licensing Rules

An automation is typically modeled using a set of interconnected Digital Blueprints, and Digital Blueprints consist of many process steps. So that users don’t have to worry about how many Digital Blueprints they use when designing an automation, licensing is instead based on total number of steps.

Specifically, a license is consumed for every 400 process steps within an automation (or set of interconnected Digital Blueprints). Only steps within 'activated' Digital Blueprints are counted.

Once consumed, a license cannot be recovered, as is the case with any consumption-based product.

Checking License Limits

Administrators may proactively check the status of licensing by accessing the License and Activity Reporting page in administration.

Licensing Warnings

When licenses are 80% consumed, users will receive warnings when they activate or publish Digital Blueprints that they may need more licenses soon. No user activities are affected, but administrators are advised to contact Blueprint Support to proactively ensure that their instance does not run out of licenses.

Out of Licenses

If licenses are 100% consumed, users will no longer be able to activate new Digital Blueprints. If the "Automatically Activate Digital Blueprints upon Import" setting is set in the Instance Settings administration page, users will also not be able to import items from RPA tools into the instance.

Users will still be able to publish changes to existing artifacts, including Digital Blueprints.

Acquiring More Licenses

To acquire more licenses for your organization, please contact Blueprint Support.