View Relationships and Traces

The Relationships tab in the Utility Panel displays any relationships between the selected artifact and other artifacts in the project. Information available in this tab includes relationship type and direction, and artifact icon, ID, name, and project.

You can view Trace and "other" relationships in this tab.

Automatic and Manual Trace Relationships

Trace relationships can be automatic or manual.

Certain Traces are automatically formed. This occurs in situations such as the scenario between a generated user story and the related steps in a process. These types of relationships cannot be managed in the Relationships tab; changes must be made from within the artifact itself.

Other Traces, such as Inline Traces, must be manually formed and can be managed in the Relationships tab – where they can be added, deleted or flagged. The direction (To, From, Bidirectional) of existing traces can also be changed in this tab.

For more information on how to add traces, see the Add Traces article.

Other Relationships

The "Other" category includes relationships such as associations, document references, and actor inherits

Association Relationship

An association relationship is automatically formed between artifacts in situations such as the selection of an actor or the addition of an Include.

Like automatic Traces, they can't be changed via the Relationships tab—only within the artifact itself.

Document Reference

A document reference relationship is formed between a document artifact whenever another artifact references it in the Files tab. For more information, see the Add Files to an Artifact article.

Actor Inherits

An actor inherit is manually formed between two actor artifacts. This relationship can be added, changed, and removed in the properties of the inheriting actor when the actor artifact is opened.