Artifact Author as Default Value

Blueprint can be configured to automatically assign an artifact's author to an artifact when created. To configure this, administrators can set user properties in Blueprint to have a Default Value of the Artifact's Author.

Properties with this setting will automatically be filled with the artifact's author when creating a new artifact in Blueprint, or generating stories from a Digital Blueprint. The value of these properties can also be edited later on.

To create a property with Artifact Author as the Default Value:

  1. Create a new property, or edit an existing property that will contain the artifact author by default
  2. Set the Type of the property to User
  3. Set the Default Value of the property to Artifact Author
  1. Save your changes to the property
  2. Ensure the property is assigned to the desired artifact types.
    1. For Standard Properties, see Assign Standard Properties to a Standard Artifact Type
    2. For Custom Properties, see Assign Project Properties to a Project Artifact Type