Add and Label a System Task in a Process

System tasks define system responses to a user action. System tasks are essentially pre-existing states before, or resulting system states after, user tasks are performed.

At least one system task accompanies every user task (a user task will have multiple system tasks if they are part of a set of conditions).

System tasks are only displayed when User-System Process mode is enabled.

To add and label a system task in a Process:

  1. System tasks are automatically added to the Process when you add any of the following:
    1. A task
    2. A new set of conditions
    3. A new condition to an existing set of conditions
  2. Double-click the system response to the user task to modify its default label.
When you further configure the system task in its Additional Detail window, the value entered for its response does not replace when you enter here. For more information, see the Add Details to Tasks and Decision Points in a Process article.