About the Jobs List

The Jobs list in the Blueprint experience displays the following information:


Job type

The type of job that was executed

Job ID

The ID of the job

Project name

The name of the project within which the job was executed


The user that started the job

Submitted on

The date and time the user submitted the job

Started on

The date and time the system started processing the job

Completed on

The date and time the job was completed


The status of the job

Download Icon

Enables you to download completed jobs. 

The download icon will appear when the job has completed. A refresh icon appears when a job has failed or has not finished generating. You can click this icon to retry or refresh the job.

Apart from Project Exports, you will not be able to download any jobs that were submitted in the Blueprint experience.

All jobs have an expiration date that can be set and modified by an Instance Administrator. After the expiration date, you will no longer be able to download the job.

A job will have one of the following statuses:



The job has successfully completed


The job has not successfully completed


The job is currently being processed (the percentage completed will be displayed, along with a progress bar)


The job has been canceled, either by you or an Instance Administrator

Clicking Get Jobs refreshes the page, updating the status of existing jobs and adding any newly-submitted ones.