Add Multiple System Steps in a Process

In the Process Editor, you can model complex systems by adding multiple sequential system steps.

To add multiple sequential system steps in a Process artifact:

  1. Click the upper-right corner of the system step.

  1. In the System Steps modal displayed, click Add Step.
    Multiple system steps can be added in the modal by clicking Add Step as needed.
  2. Edit the description of the new system step as desired.
    You can change the order of the system steps by clicking the directional up and down arrows.
    The final step in the system step list is also the step displayed as the system response step in the Process Editor. The final step should be used to represent the final state of the system after each system step has been completed.

  1. Click Apply.

When a system step has a system response, the upper-right corner of the system step is highlighted in blue and the additional consecutive system steps are viewable in Text View of the Process artifact when User-System mode is enabled, in generated User Stories, the Gherkin feature file, test case generation, and generated documents.