Configure Your Incoming Mail Server

To configure your incoming mail server for your Blueprint notifications:

  1. In the Administration Portal, click Advanced Settings and then select Email Settings in the side panel.
    For information on how to access the Admin Portal, see the About the Administration Portal article.
  2. In the Incoming Mail Server section, enter corresponding values in the following fields:
    1. Server Type: Defines the protocol of the incoming email server. IMAP and POP3 protocols are supported in Blueprint.
    2. Server IP/Hostname: Defines the IP address or hostname of your IMAP/POP server.
    3. Port: Defines the port number of your IMAP/POP server.
    4. Enable SSL checkbox: Defines whether or not the IMAP/POP server requires SSL.
  3. Click Test Connection to test your incoming mail server configuration.
  4. Click Save.