Global Actions

The main toolbar in the Explorer contains several icons that allow you to perform global actions on all artifacts in your project.

The following are the icons and the global actions they perform.




Publish All

Using the Publish All feature makes all your recent changes available to other users. Users always see the last published version after opening an artifact.

Discard All

Using the Discard All feature discards any unpublished changes you've made (no matter how many times you have saved), and reverts all artifacts back to their last published versions.

Click the Unpublished button () in the main header to view a list of all changes you've made in your project that have been saved but have not yet been published. When you manually save an artifact, it will be added to the Unpublished Changes list. Additionally, artifacts are automatically saved and added to the Unpublished Changes list when you navigate away from them without saving or publishing.

Refresh All

Using the Refresh All feature refreshes all artifacts in your project, as well as project information in the Explorer.