Export Artifacts to Excel in Collections

In Blueprint, you can easily export artifacts to Excel and facilitate offline sharing, planning, and analysis.

To export artifacts to Excel in Collections:

  1. Select the checkbox for all the artifacts that you want to export to Excel.
    To select all artifacts on the page, select the checkbox in the table header.
    To select all artifacts on every page, do not select any checkboxes.
    Not selecting any checkboxes in Collections and clicking Export to Excel will export all the artifacts in Collections.

    A maximum of 30,000 artifacts can be exported at a time.
  2. Click the Actions menu and then select Export to Excel.
  3. Select Current View to export all selected artifacts according to the column configuration you have applied.
    Select All Properties to export all artifact properties regardless of the column configuration you have applied.
    Filter and sorting are preserved in all types of Excel exports.
  4. Select OK in the Confirmation modal.
  5. A notification is displayed indicating that the Excel file export has been scheduled. Click the link in the message to view the operation on the Jobs page.
    You can also access the export by clicking the Jobs tab in the main header and selecting the Excel Import/Export tab.
  6. Click the Download icon for the Export job you just executed to download the the file locally.
    Files expire within 10 days. After 10 days, you would have to regenerate another Excel export for those artifacts.