Linear Progression Workflow Example

In the following example, there are three States (illustratively named States A, B, and C), and the Workflow simply progresses through them.

Accordingly, there are two Transitions that move from A to B, and B to C.

The following Workflow XML represents the above diagram:

A few things can be noted:

  • (A) State A is the initial State for this Workflow.

    A Workflow can have only one initial State, and it is explicitly designated using the IsInitial="true" attribute and value pair.
  • (B) State C is the end State for this Workflow.

    Although this Workflow has only one, there can be many ending States, and they are implicitly defined.
  • (C) Part of a Transition definition includes an originating State, and a destination State. These are respectively defined using the FromState and ToState elements.

    When a State is only ever referenced in a ToState element, that means it is an end State.