Create a New Artifact

You can create artifacts in any project you have access to. The Create Artifact window will display all available artifact types for that project.

To create a new artifact:

  1. Select the folder, artifact, or project you want the new artifact to be added to.
  2. Click the New icon () in the main toolbar.
  3. In the Create Artifact window displayed, select the artifact type and name the artifact.
    You can create multiple artifacts of the same type, at the same time, by clicking Add another artifact and entering their artifact names as needed.
  4. Click Create.
    The new artifact is loaded into the main content area.

Artifacts can also be created with an Excel import. For more information, see the Excel Import article.

Artifacts can be rearranged after they are created and your project can be organized in any way. For more information, see the Move Artifacts article.