Intelligent Recommendations

The Intelligent Recommendations tab in the Utility Panel lists the top 10 artifacts (and their containing project) in your system that are determined to be the most similar to the one that is currently in the main content area.

The Intelligent Recommendations feature helps you discover other relevant artifacts and uncovers opportunities for artifact re-use.

You can perform the following various actions on one or more selected artifacts in the Intelligent Recommendations tab of the Utility Panel:





Reuse an artifact to gain even more efficiencies and agility


Add a one-way trace from the current artifact to the recommended one(s)


Add a discussion comment to one or more of the recommended artifacts (a link to the current artifact is automatically appended to the comment)


Copy one or more of the recommended artifacts to the current artifact's project folder (if a cross-project copy is allowed--for example, if the recommended artifact is a standard type)

Add to Collection,

Add the recommended artifacts to a Collection (if the artifact is in the same project)

Add to Baseline

Add the recommended artifacts to a Baseline (if the artifact is in the same project)

Add to Review

Add the recommended artifacts to a Review (if the artifact is in the same project)

These actions can be executed by selected an artifact identified through Intelligent Recommendations and then clicking the corresponding icon displayed. Multiple artifacts in Intelligent Recommendations can be selected and have a bulk action executed.

Users will only see artifacts from projects that they have permissions to.

Intelligent Recommendations uses one of three search engines to locate similar artifacts – the engine used depends on the context of the artifact and the way your instance of Blueprint has been installed.

The artifact name, description, and its custom textual properties are all used in the search. In most cases, Intelligent Recommendations uses a semantic search engine that enables it to look for matches across all artifact properties.

The search gets executed in the following scenarios:

  • A new artifact is created
  • An existing artifact is loaded
  • An artifact is published

New artifacts, as well as direct changes to existing artifacts, are both indexed every four hours, meaning your Intelligent Recommendations for a certain artifact may change multiple times daily. Indirect changes to existing artifacts, such as those made in the administrative interface, are indexed once a day. This index is what is used when searching for similar artifacts with Intelligent Recommendations.

Intelligent Recommendations only works with artifacts and not subartifacts.