Add Bulk Traces

In Blueprint, you can increase efficiencies by creating trace relationships among multiple artifacts in a single streamlined operation.

Bulk traces also reduce risk and rework by easily building a comprehensive trace strategy throughout an artifact's lifecycle.

Bulk traces can be applied in both the Descendants View and Collections.

To add bulk traces:

  1. Select the artifacts you want to add a trace for in either the Descendants View or Collections.
  2. Click the Actions button and select Bulk Trace.
    You can also click the Additional Actions menu in the Explorer and select Bulk Trace.
  3. In the Add Bulk Traces modal displayed:
    1. Select the direction of the trace.
    2. Search for the artifact you want to create a trace with by entering its artifact ID, artifact name, prefix, or even a portion of its description in the Target artifact(s) field.
      You can search for and select multiple artifacts to create traces with.
      The results displayed are results within the project you are working in. To search for artifacts across all projects in your instance, click Search All Projects at the bottom of the search results.
      You can also directly add multiple artifacts with the artifact ID without the prefix according to the following format: Artifact ID; Artifact ID; etc. If an incorrect or not applicable artifact ID is entered, it is displayed in red and not applied when you conduct the trace operation.
    3. Click Apply and Publish.

The trace relationships are established and visible under the Relationships tab in the Utility Panel for each artifact.