About Test Case Documents

To view a test case document, click the download icon () in the Jobs list page to open it. The generated CSV file will have the default name TestPlan, and will contain the following information for each included process:



Process ID and name


The date and time the document was generated

# of tests

The number of flows in the Process - each test represents a flow

Tests are note created for flows containing infinite loops.


A phrase detailing the system precondition (includes the actor and the system response)

# of steps

The number of user tasks in a flow - each step represents a user task and its corresponding system task


A phrase detailing the user task (includes the actor and the action)

Expected result

A phrase detailing the related system task (includes the actor and the system response, as well as the condition - if that flow has a set of conditions)


Any related artifacts or subartifacts (for example: user tasks, system tasks, actors, and Includes) and their corresponding IDs

When actors have not been set for the user task or system task, the default value "User" and "System" will be displayed, respectively.