Document Artifacts

A document artifact allows you to upload a file and then reference that file from multiple artifacts. Document artifacts are added to other artifacts in the Files tab of the Utility Panel, and are then known as document references.

These are different from file attachments, which are also added in the files tab of the Utility Panel, but can only be associated with a single artifact.


Pauline, a regulatory analyst, has asked business analysts to adhere to a number of standards while gathering requirements for the system. She creates a new document artifact and uploads the standards document to the artifact.

Gabrielle, a business analyst, modifies a Process so it adheres to the applicable standards. She adds a document reference to her Process artifact so other users will understand the rationale for the changes. She also adds a comment to the Process artifact to explain the reason for the modifications.

Document Artifact Properties

By default, a document artifact contains the following system properties:



Indicates the name of the document


Indicates the type of artifact


Provides a unique identifier for the document. The Id cannot be modified


Provides the name of the uploaded file


Provides a description of the document

Your instance administrator can configure standard properties for each standard artifact type. Document artifacts also have their own relationships, discussions, and history.

Not all file types may be available. Instance Administrators can specify the types of files that can be uploaded to Blueprint by whitelisting certain uploadable file types in a specific project or instance.