Add Inline Traces Using a Quick Key

In Blueprint, you can add inline traces quickly and effortlessly by referencing the artifact name, ID, prefix, or even description in any rich text property.

To add inline traces with a quick key:

  1. When entering text in any rich text field for an artifact, enter # (hashtag) and begin typing the artifact name, ID, prefix, or a portion of the description of the artifact you want to add an inline trace for.
  2. As you type, Blueprint queries the project for matching artifacts to select from. Select the matching result displayed.
    To search for artifacts across all projects in your instance, click Search All Projects at the bottom of the search results.
  3. This artifact you are currently viewing and working on traces to the artifact you selected and van be viewed under the Relationships tab in the Utility Panel.
Inline traces can also be added for sub-artifacts. You must have editing permissions to create an inline trace.