Restore an Artifact to a Previous Version

Version Restore enables full control change management in Storyteller by giving you the ability to revert artifact versions.

To restore all the values and attributes of an artifact to a previous version of that artifact:

  1. Click the History tab in Utility Panel for the artifact you want to restore a previous version for.
  2. Click the Revert to icon () for the specific version of the artifact that you want to revert to.

  1. Click Yes in the Revert Version modal to confirm the change.
    The reverted version is in draft mode and needs to be published to be made available to other users in your organization.

For information on how to revert only specific, controlled values from a previous version of an artifact, see the Restore Values or Attributes of an Artifact to a Previous Version.

In some cases, not all properties, relationships, or traces can be restored. Generally this happens when the property, relationship, or traced artifact has been deleted from the system.

In this case, you will get a warning message before the restore operation is complete.