Workflow Components

A Workflow consists of a work item progressing from draft state toward approval, with a built-in loop for cancellation. In this Workflow example, most States have 1 or 2 possible Transitions.

The following are the basic Workflow components:

States and Transitions

At minimum, a Workflow consists of States and Transitions. An artifact moves from State to State via Transitions.

A State can have one or more incoming Transitions, and one or more outgoing Transitions.


Triggers are based on events that happen as the Workflow progresses. What these are depends on what kind of process the Workflow represents.

A Transition itself can be a trigger.


Actions are triggered after an event condition has been met. This action could be, for example, sending a notification email to relevant stakeholders about a change to an artifact's State.

The above are basic descriptions. For a complete listing, Workflow XML Reference article.