Visio Import

With Visio Import, you can seamlessly convert Visio Diagrams into Blueprint Models to digitize legacy business processes into one consolidated central repository to drive collaboration and automation efforts across your organization.

By importing your Visio Diagrams into Blueprint, you can leverage all of Blueprint's tracing and collaboration capabilities. Visio Import supports BPMN 2.0, Basic, Default, and Connector shapes as well as Connectors. Libraries are mapped within Blueprint, with Blueprint acting as the source of truth, meaning that if a shape exists within Visio but not in Blueprint (even within supported libraries), the shape is still mapped as an image.

Once imported, each shape becomes its own sub-artifact, with its relationships, comments, and file attachments to enable aligned and comprehensive trace strategies.

To import a Visio Diagram into Blueprint:

  1. Click the More button in the main toolbar and select Import from Visio.
  2. In the Import from Visio modal displayed:
    1. In the Artifact Type field, select a Model artifact.
    2. In the Artifact Name field, enter a name for the Model artifact that will be created from your import.
      This is a required field.
    3. Click Choose File. In the file browser window displayed, select the .vsdx file you want to import.
      If any file type other than .vsdx is selected, an error message is displayed.
      Visio Import supports .vsdx files from Microsoft Visio 2013 or later.

      The maximum file size is 5 MB and the maximum pages the file can have for the import by default, is 5 pages.
    4. Click Import.
  3. A notification is displayed indicating that the Visio Import has been scheduled. You can click the link in the message to view the operation on the Jobs page.
    You can also simply click OK in the notification to dismiss it.
  4. Your Model artifact is displayed in the Explorer. All pages from your Visio Diagram become child Model Artifacts and take on the name of the pages in the .vsdx file.
    Shapes that do not exist within Blueprint in BPMN 2.0, Basic, Default, or Connector shape libraries are imported as images into the Blueprint Model artifact.