Initiate an Impact Analysis

To initiate an Impact Analysis and illustrate the effect of change exerted by an artifact on its related artifacts:

  1. Navigate to an artifact in your project that has a relationship.
  2. Click the Impact Analysis button () in the artifact toolbar.
  3. The Impact Analysis page will open in a new browser tab.


  1. Click RPA Dashboards dropdown in the main header, and choose the option Impact.
  1. The default display expands the tree of relationships to three levels.

    A solid blue circle beside an artifact indicates that there may be another level that can be expanded.

    Once clicked, if the circle turns grey, it is the last artifact in that branch.

    Once a branch is expanded, you can collapse it by clicking the hollow blue circle next to the artifact.
    A loop icon () indicates that this artifact has a loop back to an artifact in the same relationship. An Impact Analysis will not display additional branches from an artifact with this icon.

Each time Impact Analysis is generated, it will be time-stamped with a date and time (shown in your local time).