Generate Test Cases

In Blueprint, all jobs are stored in the Jobs list​. This list contains a history of all jobs — any actions involving the import and export of data to or from the application.

In Blueprint, you can generate test cases from a Process in a job called Process Test Case Generation. When prompted, Blueprint will create a CSV file detailing all the possible flows in a Process. This file can then be exported to an ALM target.

To generate a test case from a Process:

  1. Click the Additional Actions button () in the main toolbar and select Export Generated Tests.
  2. Search for any Processes you would like to include in the document in the Add Process to Generate Tests modal by using the search box or browsing the project folders.
  3. For each Process that you want to include, select the checkbox next to the process in the modal and then click Generate Test Cases.
Only processes that are not currently locked and are in the same project can be selected.