About Standard Artifact Types

A Standard Artifact Type is an artifact classification in Blueprint and refers to a class of artifacts that can be used across all projects in your instance (by default, Standard Artifact Types are associated with all projects in the instance).

Standard Artifact Types can aid administrators in creating a more consistent experience, allowing you to establish one standardized set of artifact types across your instance and remove redundancies and inconsistencies between projects.

When creating a new Standard Artifact Type, you can choose from a variety of base types to model your new Standard Artifact Type after, including:

  • Actor
  • Baseline
  • Baseline and Review Folder
  • Document
  • Folder
  • Glossary
  • Model
  • Process
  • Review
  • Textual Requirement

Blueprint Administrators can create and edit Standard Artifact Types according to their organization's needs. Once a new Standard Artifact Type is created, you can assign Standard Properties to that artifact type, assign projects to it, and adjust reuse settings on it.

Any artifact of a Standard Artifact Type can be reused, or moved into another project, whereas Custom Artifact Types cannot. You

You can use Project Assignments to choose where your Standard Artifact Type can be created from.

To view Standard Artifact Types in the Administration Portal, users must have the "View Standard Properties and Standard Artifact Types" privilege in their Instance Administration role. For more information on Instance Administrator Roles, see the Manage Instance Administration Roles article.

For more information on managing Standard Artifact Types, click one of the following links: