REST API - Get Information of Import Task Capture Payload Jobs Request



Returns the information of Import Task Capture Payload Payload jobs

URL Structure

  • offset(optional): defines the paging offset (that is, zer0-based index) at which the results start. The request returns an array of jobs info objects in descending order by the jobId property (the latest jobs come first).
  • limit(optional): defines the number of jobs info to retrieve per query. The default is 100.

Supported Methods

HTTP Status Codes

  • 200: OK – if the pagination parameters, the offset, and the limit, are not provided, and info of all jobs is returned.
  • 400: Bad Request – if the offset or the limit query parameter is invalid.
  • 401: Unauthorized – the authorization Blueprint token is missing, invalid, or expired (in the Authorization request header).
  • 206: Partial Content – the request is successfully fulfilled.
  • 416: Request Range Not Satisfiable – if the offset query parameter points to a part of a collection that is not available

Response Body

Contains the array of jobs info. The status property is an enumeration and has the following items:

• 0 – Scheduled

• 1 – Running

• 2 – Completed

• 3 – Failed


JSON Example

Request URI

Response Body

"JobInfos": [
"JobId": 14,
"Status": 2,
"UserId": 12,
"UserDisplayName": "John Smith",
"ProjectId": 1371,
"Project": "Project 1",
"SubmittedDateTime": "2021-10-24T20:02:03.107Z",
"JobStartDateTime": "2021-10-24T20:13:26.747Z",
"JobEndDateTime": "2021-10-24T20:13:29.553Z",
"ErrorCode": null,
"Message": "The Task Capture payload has been successfully completed.",
"ImportedArtifacts": [
"Id": 1390,
"Prefix": "PF",
"Name": "Imported Process",
"BaseArtifactType": "Process",
"ParentId": 1380
"JobId": 13,
"Status": 3,
"UserId": 21,
"UserDisplayName": "Glen White",
"ProjectId": 9398,
"Project": "Project 2",
"PubmittedDateTime": "2021-10-24T19:58:28.327Z",
"JobStartDateTime": "2021-10-24T19:58:29.287Z",
"JobEndDateTime": "2021-10-24T20:00:13.38Z",
"ErrorCode": 23,
"Message": "An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again. If the problem continues, contact your administrator."