The Main Content Area

When you select an item in the Explorer, it is displayed in the main content area, where you view and configure base artifact details.

The navigation path at the top indicates which project path the open artifact belongs to. Various parts of the path are clickable, depending on whether you have access to those parts of the project.

The artifact name is also displayed at the top and is editable. Click it and edit inline as desired.

There can also be indicators beside the artifact name that displays the status of the artifact. For more information, see the Status Indicators section.

The Artifact Toolbar

The main content area also contains the artifact toolbar. The buttons in the artifact toolbar change (they may be greyed out or not visible) depending on the type of artifact loaded and what its current state is.

The following table indicates all the possible buttons in the Artifact toolbar and the actions performed with each:


Open the detail view in the main content area

Open the Descendants View in the main content area

Move the artifact to another location in the project

Copy and publish the artifact

Reuse the artifact

Manage traces for the artifact.

Perform an impact analysis

Save all changes in the artifact

Publish all changes in the artifact

Discard all changes in the artifact

Refresh the artifact

Delete the artifact

Perform additional actions on the artifact that include:

  • Add the artifact to a Baseline, Review, or Collection
  • Export the artifact to Word or PDF
  • Generate a document from the artifact
The artifact toolbar for process artifacts has more buttons. For more information, see the About the Process Editor article.

The Main Header

The main header is above the main content area.

Clicking Unpublished displays all the artifacts that you have modified but not yet published.

Clicking Jobs displays the Jobs list. For more information, see the Jobs section.

Go to enables you to navigate directly to an artifact using the artifact ID.

The Search function enables you to search for an artifact using the artifact name or information in the artifact’s textual properties.

The user icon allows you to log out and change your password.

The Help icon gives you access to all Blueprint help resources like interactive tours, slideshows, FAQs, and this online help. There are also links that allow you to leave feedback on Blueprint, register for Blueprint Connect, or even open a ticket with the Blueprint support team.