Include Another Process or Artifact Within a Process

When another Process extends a task or system task, describing it in greater detail, you can include it within that task. Including the child Process links it to the task, leaving it a click away.

By including Processes, you and other users can hierarchically model an entire business process or user-system interaction.

To include another Process or artifact within a Process:

  1. Click the additional details icon () on the task or system task from which you want to include another Process or other artifact.
  2. In the modal displayed, click Add Include.
  3. Selecting New Process will create a child Process with the same name as the task or system task it is included in.

    Selecting Existing Artifact will open the Select Artifact window where you can search for an artifact by using the search box or browsing the project hierarchy.

    Select the artifact you want to include, then click OK.