Visio Import Known Issues

Visio Import allows Blueprint users to ingest their organization's legacy business processes into one centralized repository. Visio Import has been optimized to translate the contents of a Visio diagram as accurately as possible into Blueprint, but some issues have been observed during the translation process.

Shape Mapping Known Issues

  • Shapes outside of a select number of libraries (including BPMN, Flowchart, and others) are imported as images in Blueprint Models
  • Pools with both Vertical and Horizontal Swimlanes are imported as a Pool with Horizontal Swimlanes only
  • If shapes inside a Swimlane overlap with the Swimlane's header, the Swimlanes created in Blueprint will be out of alignment with one another. This can be remedied by ensuring no conflict of Swimlane header and shapes occur in Visio.

Text Known Issues

  • Pools with Swimlanes will be imported with all labels conserved, except for the last Swimlane's label
  • Shapes with multiple lines of text in Visio are imported in Blueprint consolidated into a single line.

Connector Known Issues

  • Connectors in Visio (such as Message Flow, Sequence Flow, and others) that do not have both ends connected to something are not imported into Blueprint
  • A best effort is made to conserve connector positioning. However, in a small number of cases, connectors may connect to different sides of a shape in Blueprint than they did in Visio.
  • Connectors to a "Group" shape in Visio are not imported.
  • Connectors to a Swimlane shape in Visio are not supported, and often are mapped to other shapes in Blueprint.
  • Annotation shape connectors in Visio are not imported.
  • Callout shapes connected to another shape in Visio are imported as an image.
  • Callout shapes not connected to another shape in Visio are imported as a Text box.

Shape Formatting & Style Known Issues

  • Shapes in Visio with multiple font formats applied to different areas of text will be consolidated into a single text formatting style in Blueprint
  • Shapes in Visio that have a gradient fill or unrecognized colour fill will be imported as black text with a white background.

If you notice other issues not already on this list, please feel welcome to get in touch with Blueprint Support to discuss further.