Add Artifacts to a Baseline

Any artifacts in your project can be added to your Baseline.

To add artifacts to your Baseline:

  1. Access the Baseline of interest.
  2. Click the Add Artifacts button. If your Baseline does not have any artifacts yet, the Add Artifacts button is located in the center of the screen.
    If your Baseline already has artifacts and you want to add more, click Add Artifact in the upper-right.
  3. In the Add Artifacts modal displayed, search for and select the artifacts you want to add to your Baseline.
  4. Click Add to complete this process.
To save time, you can add any of your existing Collections to a Baseline instead of having to re-add all the artifacts individually. The Collections folder is available in the Add Artifacts modal.

The artifacts will not be tied to the Collection, meaning they will be listed as individual artifacts in the Baseline.