Excel Import FAQ

The following are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers regarding creating new artifacts with an Excel import in Blueprint:

What is the maximum number of artifacts that I can import from Excel?

No more than 1000 artifacts can be imported from Excel during a single operation. The maximum number of descendants that can be created under one parent through Excel import is 300.

To import from Excel, what columns should I have in the Excel file?

There are both required and optional columns that can be defined in your Excel spreadsheet. The two required columns are "Name" and "Artifact Type", and other optional columns that can be defined in your spreadsheet are Hierarchy, Description and any other custom/standard properties defined for your artifact type.

Here is an example in Excel:

To import from Excel, how can I define the hierarchy of imported artifact?

You can create the "Hierarchy" column to specify the relative level at which each artifact will be imported in the hierarchical tree (please ensure the column name is exactly the same as "Hierarchy" without any spaces). Depending on where the plus ("+") is in the Hierarchy column, the artifacts will be created as children.. A single row can only have one plus sign ("+") defined in the "Hierarchy" column.

When no Hierarchy is specified (no Hierarchy column in the Excel spreadsheet), all artifacts are imported at the same level.

Here is an example in Excel:

  1. The row 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 will become the descendants of row 2 once they are imported from Excel.
  2. The row 6,7 will become the child artifact of row 5 once they are imported from Excel.