Status Indicators

An artifact can have different statuses that provide further context on the artifact.

An artifact's status is displayed at the top of the main content area, beside the artifact name. The following are all possible statuses, their icons, and descriptions.



When an artifact is locked, someone is in the process of editing it, and it cannot be modified by other users. The lock is released after the changes are published or discarded. Only users with steal lock privileges can steal the lock discard any unpublished changes and edit the artifact.

There are two kinds of locked indicators:

  • Locked by you - this happens automatically once you begin editing an artifact's properties and have unsaved changes
  • Locked by someone else - another user has started to edit the artifact

Unsaved Changes

Removed by saving or publishing your changes to the artifact, denoted by an asterisk


The artifact can only be read, for reasons including that you may be viewing a historical version


The artifact shares a reuse relationship with another artifact

Suspect Trace

The artifact shares a reuse relationship with another artifact and a change has been made and published in either the source or reused artifact