Edit a Project Group

Project administrators can edit the details of Project Groups, allowing for easy changes to the group's details as need be.

To edit Project Groups in the Project Administration Portal, users must have either

a) the "Manage Groups, Project Roles, and Project Role Assignments" privilege in their Project Administrator Role, or

b) the "Administer All Projects" privilege in their Instance Administrator Role.

For more information on Project Administrator Roles, see the Manage Project Administrator Roles article. For more information on Instance Administrator Roles, see the Manage Instance Administrator Roles article.

To edit Project Groups:

  1. In the Administration Portal, click Projects and select the project where you want to edit a Project Group.
    For information on how to access the Admin Portal, see the About the Administration Portal article.
  2. Under Projects, click User Management and select Project Groups.
  3. On the Project Groups page displayed, click the group you want to edit.
  4. To edit the group's name, click the name in the header and modify the name as needed.
  5. To edit the Group's email address that acts as the distribution list for all group members, click the Group Email field and make your edits as needed.
  6. To edit the members of that Project Group, see the Assign Members to a Project Group and the Unassign Members from a Project Group articles.
  7. To edit the Project Role assignments for that Project Group, see the Assign Project Roles to a Project Group article.
  8. To edit the scope for that Project Group, see the Select Scope of Project Role Assignments on a Project Group article.
  9. Click Save at the bottom of the page.
Administrators may only manage groups specifically scoped to the project. To manage groups across the instance, please see Edit Groups.