Add and Modify Choice and Condition Endpoints

In a decision point's Additional Details modal, you can configure where all of its choices/conditions end, as well as create new ones.

To add and modify choice and condition endpoints:

  1. Click the additional details icon () on the decision point whose choices/conditions you wish to edit.
  2. In the Additional Detail window, click Add Choice or Add Condition and enter a name for the new choice or condition.
    By default, the newly added choice/condition endpoint is set as the next task.
  3. Click the drop-down menu and select a new endpoint.
    In addition to the End of the Process, all valid endpoints for the choice/condition (that is, other tasks and user-choice decision points) are listed by name.
    Choices/conditions cannot point to the beginning of a sibling choice/condition; these endpoints are not listed.
  4. Rename the choice/condition to describe the scenario in which it takes place.
    When Blueprint generates a user story, the names given to system decision-point conditions are used to label scenarios in the user story Acceptance Criteria section.
  5. Continue to Add Choices or Add Conditions until you have as many as required.
    There can be a maximum of 10 choices/conditions.
  6. Click OK.